Sqribble Review: Should you buy it or not?

Sqribble is an application based on Windows Platform which can help you create attractive ebooks. If you have ever tried to make an ebook, you know it how hard it is but this ebook builder will let you create finished pdf in a few clicks from scratch. Writing and designing the layout also collecting information is really a mess and takes a lot of time but Sqribble is making your job, hell lot easy. There are several things you need to take care of when it comes to eBook creation, be it Cover, content, images graphics or layout. Normally we outsource such works to any freelancers available but trust me, with this piece of application you can get it done in minutes.

So let us see why to refer sqribble review app over any other app or freelancer


Create Genuine Content

With this app, you can find or generate content for your eBook in minutes. You can find content from websites or library or books or create one right through this app. What this means, you don’t have to take the pain for looking or typing a large piece of content as this app can do that for you in a few clicks.

If you are wondering that by copying content, you are not creating authentic content for yourself then you are wrong. Sqribble will also help you to rewrite whole content with different words so you don’t have to look like stealing from someone’s site.


Attractive eBook Cover


You know well how difficult it is, to create a cover for an eBook or a book itself. As it is the one to attract someone to read it or buy it, you need to pay special attention to this ground. Worry not, here to this app will help you create the finest of finest Covers for an ebook. It always comes pre-installed with certain templates which we can use to generate a cover for our eBook.


The best part here is, all the templates for eBook covers here are categorized well as per niches and topics so it will be easy for you to find the best one for you and with the basic modification, you can use it in your site.


Publishing eBook through this app is also easy, it will let you create awesome content table also attach them to the specified page so it will be easy for someone to navigate the content and continue reading as per requirement.

Smooth Interface

This list of features is not complete if you are will not mention about the friendly Interface it has. The Interface is very easy to operate and if you are unable to navigate, you can refer to the guide but we have done on our Scribble Review, we never failed to operate this application.  The app itself will help you in the process of generating app so you don’t have to burn your midnight oil making eBooks with this app. With all these exciting features, this app is really one made especially for Freelancers, Online Marketers and marketing agencies who used to spend a lot earlier to make this job easy.


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