Epson ET-4550 Driver Download For Windows/Mac/Linux

The Epson ET-4550 driver is one of the printers that the people well understand today. It is an all-in-one printing machine consisting of separate bottles for ink filling. Its all-in-one features make it a multi-tasker, that is, the device promotes print, faxes, scans and copies. You can put the document automatically. The device can be connected to three mediums of connection – Ethernet, Wifi and Wifi Direct.

Download Epson ET-4550 Driver

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Epson ET-4550 Features

Let us check out the characteristics of the Epson ET-4550 driver. Basically, the printer is suitable for office purpose. Also, it can be used for household purposes too. As a printer, it is costly but the money is worth it. Starting from printing to scanning, to copying and faxing, you get everything handled by one machine. You ought to pay more money for such a multi-tasking device.

Epson ET-4550 Driver

The printer as a whole may be expensive, but it cuts down on the cost of the ink. Instead of using cartridges, Epson et uses ink tanks. When you notice that the tank is empty and running short of ink, you can easily refill the tank. Hence, the cost of a complete cartridge and the cost of refilling cartridges is definitely not the same. You Can Download Epson ET 4550 Driver From Here.

The difference with Epson Workforce printer

Most of you must have noticed the similarity of the Epson ET 4550 driver with Epson Workforce WF-2650 device. True, that both the devices are almost similarly oriented but with one difference. The Epson et 4550 driver has a connector added to it – the Ethernet.

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Besides, there is a huge difference in price between both the devices. The et 4550 is capable of printing 11000 monochrome pages and 8500 coloured pages while on the other hand, the Workforce 2650 can print less number of pages. The injustice lies in the fact that although it can print less number of pages, yet you have to get expensive cartridges bought for Workforce printer.

Epson ET 4550 Printer Basics

Besides the Ethernet and USB, the Epson et 4550 driver can be connected with the medium of Wifi and Wifi direct. Its core features include the ability to print and fax, as well as scan a document to a PC. Also, it is capable of copying documents. Its primary office feature is the 30-sheet ADF or automatic document feeder which is kept as a supplement of the letter sized flatbed and can deal with as large as legal size papers.

The capacity for handling papers at a time is 150 sheets. This characteristic makes the printer more appropriate for household usage rather than office purpose. If you have a home office, you can use this printer. In addition, the printer facilitates duplexing or two-sided printing. This can be called as the USP of this printer.

The device supports mobile printing and scanning. You can use a cloud feature for mobile purpose. Make sure while using cloud services, the printer is connected to the internet. Systems like iOS, Android or Kindle can be connected to the printer and printed or scanned. Besides a single USB cable, the printer can be connected to Wifi direct.

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